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Our Services:

Retirement Planning:

Working with you to determine what you need to retire comfortably.  Consider choices to help create financial independence during your retirement while enjoying your desired standard of living today.  To know what funds are needed we need to anticipate what retirement looks like – is it traveling the world, gardening in your back yard, working part-time?  Consideration needs to be given to what living quarters will be – vacation home, snowbirds, senior living center or what? How will you manage health care expenses? And so many more things to consider!!

Estate Planning:

Working with you to preserve your estate for your intended heirs.  Titling of assets to allow for easy transition upon death.  Consideration of planning needs for minor or disabled children or for surviving elderly parents.  Need to make sure there are funds available to maintain the current standard of living if there are individuals dependent on the current income.  Insuring that named beneficiaries stay current. Review needs for the creation of trusts and/or gifting recommendations.

Insurance Planning:

Insurance protection is about managing risk and insuring financial security.  Life insurance can replace lost income during the wage earning years or lost pension or Social Security income during the retirement years.  Long term care insurance can provide protection against those expenses created by chronic, non-healing conditions.  Disability insurance can provide replacement funds for lost wages in the case of injuries.

Tax Planning:

Consideration of the tax implications with financial planning is imperative.  How much of your nest egg you will lose to taxes can change your standard of living.  Using tax free investments rather than tax deferred can dramatically impact future dollars.  Liquidating assets in a tax efficient manner increases your available funds.  When considering how to save for retirement, how to save for college and  managing your estate affairs tax implications need to be considered.

Investment Planning and Portfolio Review: 

A good investment plan starts with determining your ability to handle risk.  Ongoing portfolio reviews will make sure your investments stay within range of that risk tolerance.  Investment vehicles can manage the risk differently.  Outside independent advice can assist in reducing emotional attachment to particular securities and to impulsive responses to market ups and downs.


Our Products:

  • Managed asset plans using mutual funds, ETFs, individual stocks & bonds and alternative investments
  • Mutual funds, ETFs, individual stocks and bonds
  • Alternative investments including REITS, limited partnerships and more
  • Fixed and Variable Annuities – immediate and deferred
  • Insurance – life (term, whole and variable), long term care or linked policies that provide both types of benefits and disability





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