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December 10, 2016: 1st Annual Wreath Making Event

Planning with Purpose held a wreath making event for selected clients and guests


Sigrid’s family was a great help.  Her husband Jeff and daughter Kristin cut boughs for us and provided instructions on how to make them.  Jen’s mother Sue helped us stay organized.   Gerri’s husband Lynn was our photographer.  Thanks to Jeff, Kristin, Sue, Lynn and all those that helped us make this a big hit.

We started with an empty metal ring and added the greens using wire.  Then came the decorating –  adding balls, pine cones, ribbons, berries and whatever else anyone wanted.  Sigrid made bows for all.  Each one was unique when finished.

Most of the attendees said they had never done this before and we were all excited about how well they turned out.  Be sure to look at the group picture to see the final results.  We have loved hearing about and seeing the pictures of wreaths hanging on front doors!!

We laughed a lot.  We ate a lot.  Overall a good time was had by all.  We look forward to repeating it next year!!

Gerri, Jen & Sigrid


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